///Cupping Therapy Cardiff

Cupping Therapy Cardiff

What is Cupping Therapy?

The cupping therapy is in trend these days but the fact is it’s not new anymore it’s an technique used by the ancient Chinese and Egyptians for an other alternative medicine. This is done with some cup like structured equipments placed on your skin for few minutes to create suction with the cups which might be made up of bamboo, glass, earthenware or silicone. This technique is basically used for improving the blood flow in the body, deep relaxation in tissues or in reliving pain. The cupping therapy is also called as the “Cup of Cure”.

Usually when people talk about cupping therapy they simply refer to the fire cupping. But there are generally two ways in which the cupping therapy is done.

These are the two basic methods of performing cupping therapy:


In this type of therapy your therapist uses some natural herbs, alcohol or paper and sets it on fire then turn the cup upside down to your skin after the fire goes down. After the hot air inside the cups cools down it creates a vacuum against your skin.


This can be a bit painful as the therapist leaves the cups on your skin nearly about 3-5 minutes then through a needle like device they make small cuts on your skin. Then they do another suction to suck out a very small quantity of blood from the skin.

Many studies shown that the cupping therapy may really be very effective and can fight against Acne, herpes zoster and facial paralysis. Being an ancient technique people are now days more attracted towards this technique to fight these diseases naturally. But some scientists have researched a lot about it and advised for better studies.

Facts about Cupping Therapy

The cupping therapy can fight asthma this process helps in removing cold or chest congestion. In fact the cupping therapy helped a lot of people against asthma. It is very common now days and very often used.

This ancient Chinese technique helps in losing fat fast. It basically helps in regenerating the energy that your body needed to shift fat cells where should be. This technique boosts your metabolism to it’s best stage for converting the fatty acids into energy instead of fat. Yes but this won’t work alone exercise and healthy diet is must.

They are useful in treating snake bites. Yes, you heard it right this technique is an ancient technique to treat snake bites. As it is a process where the suction works it sucks the infected area to stop the harmful poison.

The cupping therapy reflects how much level of stagnation is present in your body. The less stagnation your body have may push you in trouble after a cupping therapy session you may face difficulties with the horrible marks or in worse condition they might turn purple and can take weeks to fade away. The more high your stagnation is the more fine you are with these therapies.

Treats skin problems smoothly and slowly. It helps in boosting the circulatory system in improving the flow of blood through veins and arteries and removes toxins and detoxifies the skin. You start noticing incredible changes in skin colour after 5-7 treatments. It is specially recommended for athletes as a boost to the muscle spasms.

Here is a List of Disorders Cupping Therapy Helps With

  • Anxiety

  • Anaemia

  • Depression

  • Migraines

  • High blood pressure

  • Hemophilia and arthritis

  • Gynaecological diseases

  • Obesity

Side Effects

There are not actually some serious side effects of the cupping therapy as it is a natural therapy. But there might be some complications if you do not Consult to an expert or at the area of your skin where the cups were eventually placed.

-It can leave prominent marks or bruises.

-It can be harmful if you have a sensitive skin. Which may lead to skin infections.

Although the cupping therapy is totally safe but after all it’s about our health. It is really very important to consult to an expert to get all the information regarding your treatment like why should you go for it and what can be the reasons for not getting one. Make sure you are at the right place for the right thing. Not only in case of cupping therapy but every time when you are about to start any kind of medication.

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